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Need a musician right now? Find the perfect musicians for your event in real time from a wide selection of talented musicians/artists. See which musicians are currently online. Easily customise your search to a range of miles away.


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Know exactly when your service provider is on their way to your event. No more guessing, waiting around, or calling to ask how far away.


User-Friendly Interface


Easy sign-on and intuitive interface making the booking process smooth and convenient for you.

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Reserve musicians for future dates with rest of mind, ensuring your music needs are met precisely when you need them. As a Gauver, you are guaranteed peace of mind with reliable bookings.


...Gauve the right way


Easily flick your status to 'online' and start getting gigs. Imagine a world where you no longer need to fret about getting paid on time. With Gauver, payment concerns are a thing of the past. No more chasing after elusive payments or enduring late-night anxieties. Your hard work deserves immediate and hassle-free compensation.

And it doesn't stop there. We've orchestrated a solution that brings absolute clarity to gig availability. Say goodbye to the days of guesswork and sending video demos to countless potential clients. Gain instant access to a world of opportunities with Gauver. You'll know which gigs are available, when, and where – all at your fingertips.

Download the right Gauver for you


we understand that when it comes to planning an event and booking talented musicians, peace of mind is invaluable. That's why we've meticulously curated a platform that not only connects you with the best instrumentalists but also ensures your experience is worry-free from start to finish.

When you book with Gauver, you're not just hiring musicians – you're selecting from a pool of dedicated professionals who have undergone a rigorous vetting process. Gauver musicians are carefully approved and vetted, giving you confidence that you're choosing from the very best. With real user feedback and ratings, you'll be well-informed and confident in your selection.


Peace of mind booking!


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What do they say?

Easy to use - Eliminates worry

I've always had to call and panic about booking musicians for my events and concerts; constantly having to call to ask where they are and how far away they are until I discovered Gauver. Gauver is a pleasant surprise! The team has really worked hard to ensure customer's satisfaction with top-notch features. Impressed!

- Anna


Be my own boss - get paid on time!

Before Gauver, I had taken gigs where I delivered effectively and professionally on the keyboard for hours without sitting only to be told that my payment was not ready. I once did not get paid for 3 months. Issues like this won't exist anymore with Gauver as the payment is held in escrow from booking and released to you once gig is completed. Totally recommend to fellow musicians.

- Danny Lores

Just gauve it...

Don't miss out on creating the perfect music experience for your event.